Pasta e Fagioli

I was told by my grandfather to marry someone of my culture, “so you won’t fight during war or at the dinner table.” But do as others do and not as they say, and I am now marrying into a new culture, adding to my three. Amsterdam has over 189 nationalities in fewer than 1 million people, free to be who we are. The recipes for the Cooking Studio find me in the streets, and they build on my friends, travels, and imagination. They’ve been tested and trusted to create a variety of global recipes. 


For two

250g of dried beans (see below) or 1 can of beans, borlotti and black-eyed peas mix is my favorite

1/2 minced onion; 1 clove garlic
extra-virgin olive oil (no second-rate virgil oil; extra-virgin only)
200g pasta (anything here on this list, although most would say focus on the bottom half.)
One tablespoon of tomato passata, or three small chopped tomatoes
salt, pepper
Rosemary twigs
750ml liter water

Heat the water on the side, make it a bouillon if you like it a little more flavored. Take another pan and add the onion and rosemary twigs whole. Medium heat them for three minutes of sweating, then add the garlic and cook another minute. Add the beans and stir them. Add the tomatoes and gently cook for five minutes. Take out one third of the beans, add them in a blender, and leave aside. Remove the rosemary.

Add the hot water*. When everything returns to a boil, add the pasta, give it a stir after 30 seconds and bring back the blended beans. Turn off the fire 2 minutes before the pasta package instructs you to, cover, and let finish by steaming into its flavor. It should be not be too dry nor too watery at this point. Let cool for 10 minutes (during which I do the dishes because als italianen een kans krijgen maken ze er twee) then serve with Parmigiano on top. Treat yo’self with pecorino if you didn’t use broth.

Put the beans in cold water with a teaspoon of baking soda for 10-12 hours, in the morning before work. Drain and rinse out once you’re ready to eat, and add them to cold water over the fire. Once the water begins to boil, remove the foam at the top and add two stalks of celery and one carrot and lower the fire to cook for 30-40 minutes.

*The water has to be hot because cold water stops cooking the bean and halts the full flavor. The first time you make this, make more water than necessary, so you can test out how much water is needed based on the type of pasta you decided to use. Allow for two fingers of water to cover the whole mix of foods as a good measure.

From the kitchens of my mother & aunt & grandfather

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