The House Wine


I wanted to tell you about a great cocktail recipe I was testing out in the spirit of being a good party guest, a pursuit I find especially valid in this moment of life, especially as we get older and real fun is too far and in between. But I miscalculated how much effort can actually goes into putting effort of details and was about to spiral into a whole energy waste of being let down by my failure, and instead threw money at my emotions and bought a plum wine from my mecca Hong Kong Superstore.  The height of sophistication at a table for one.

The saying in Italy goes that a true gentleman can be seen only in how he eats alone in his home. That is to say that how we behave when no one is watching is the person we truly are. And yet, isn’t the perception of ourselves by others also crucial to defining ourselves? I’m going off-tangent and the birds are singing and the sun is back, and I’m remembering the scent of plums and the sweetness of its ice cold wine.

How do I not make it sound like an advertisement when I say to go to the Asian supermarket nearest to you, pick up a bottle of plum wine (umeshu) and drink it in the sun?





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